Free Land to Grow Food. Free Food For Land Owners. connects people with land to share, and people who grow food. It’s free forever, so everyone is more self-sufficient.

Earth has vast areas of unused land. There’s no reason why land should cost you a lifetime of debt. And there should never be food shortages. The problem is land is not used productively.

Life isn’t supposed to be about making money. Here you’ll find free land to either live on, or grow food. Or if you have spare land, let others use it to grow food and share with you.


Search the map to find what you’re looking for. Click the icon for details, then contact the person if you’re interested.


Join existing communities that share land, or combine funds with others to start your own. Get your own private place to live at the fraction of the normal cost.


People who grow food on your land, and share the harvest with you. Free organic food. You decide rules like when people are allowed on your property.


People who allow you to grow food on their land, in exchange for part of your harvest. There is no financial cost for use of the land.


Don’t just wait for other people to add listings. Add your own!


Scroll the map to find what you’re looking for. Click on the icon for a summary of the listing.


Find Free Land To Grow Food, or Share Your Land For Free Food connects land-owners and people looking for land to grow food. Share the harvest and lower your cost of living.

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Find Free Land To Grow Food

Use the map to find land-owners who let you grow food on their land. In exchange you share part of your harvest with them. Having your own food supply is the ultimate independence.


Share Your Land For Free Food

Let others grow food on your spare land, and they’ll share their harvest with you. It’s a great way to reduce the cost of living. This includes community gardens, where experienced gardeners teach you how to grow food.


Join or Start an Off-Grid Community

Communities are groups of people who share the same property and work together. You still have all the privacy you need, and it’s great for families or single people. Usually you combine funds with others to purchase land, or you can join an existing community. You’ll live a simpler and happier life without debt.


Buy, Sell or Swap Excess Food

Marketplaces or even private residences where you can trade or share excess food. You’ll get either free or much cheaper fruit and vegetables from local residents who have more food than they need.


Search the map below to find what you want, or add your own listing (it’s free forever). If you can’t see the map, check your browser security settings.


Recommended Websites

Forget what you think you know, and learn facts you can verify yourself. Stay informed, but think for yourself:

Don’t rely only on mainstream media news, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc. You’ll only get heavily biased and censored info.

Tell Your Neighbors

Can’t Find Land Near You? Tell Your Neighbors About This Website

Drop letters into your neighbor’s letterbox telling them about this website, and how you’ll grow food on their land and share it with them. Use the template letter below:

Dear Neighbor, We live at [address] and were wondering if you’re interested in getting free fruit and vegetables and reduce your grocery bills. Basically if you have spare land (even a small area), we can use it to grow food and share the harvest with you. Many people are doing this to reduce the cost of living while having fresher and healthier food. It’s your land so we follow your rules regarding what we can and cannot do, and when we’re allowed in the growing area. If you’re interested, please contact us at [contact-details]. You can also add a free listing at to let other interested neighbors know, and get even more free food. Even if you’re not interested for now, please keep us in mind as the cost of groceries continues to rise. Thankyou.



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