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Medical Breakthroughs, Natural Medicine & Forgotten Treatments

Many “modern” medicines treat the symptoms instead of the causes of disease and ailments. For example, painkillers dull pain, but do nothing to fix the cause. In my personal experience, good health requires a blend of modern medicine, herbal and natural remedies, eating well and exercising regularly. It is also very important to avoid toxins where possible. Importantly, I’m not a doctor and have no medical training. And you should seek professional advice before trying anything here, but at the same time, don’t take “professional advice” as the gospel truth either.

Natural Medicines

Sunlight: Our bodies produce vitamin D from the sun. Colds and flus occur mostly in Winter because that’s when we are exposed to less sunlight. Don’t underestimate the importance of basic sunlight.

Regular fluids and rest: These are often overlooked but are very important to deal with any illness.

Garlic: This is a wonder herb. It is well known to increase immunity, fight infections, and even help prevent heart disease. No garden is complete without it.

Elderberry: This may be the single most effective herb to fight influenza (the flu) and strengthen your immune system. It is reported to reduce the duration of flue by around 3 days. But the berries must be prepared properly, otherwise they can be toxic.

Colloidal silver: This is basically silver in water, and it’s very easy to make with cheap equipment. It has countless uses and even if you barely use it, it’s very handy to have in the event of natural disasters when the supply of medicine is disrupted.

Lemons: Very easy to grow, and are great at balancing your body’s PH. This in turn helps fight viruses and even cancer. Keep in mind cancer thrives in an acidic environment. But it doesn’t do too well in an alkaline body.

Oregano: Strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial

Spirulina: Superfood with too many health benefits to mention

Anti-inflammatory: Ginger and Tumeric are as powerful as any anti-inflammatory you can purchase.

Painkillers: Kratom is a very powerful painkiller.

Do not under-estimate the strength of herbs and natural medicines. One problem is you cannot easily measure dosage because the strength of each individual plant will vary, so be very careful not to overdose. Be especially careful with children. Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it is always safe.


Common Toxins

Fluoride: This is supposed to be good for our teeth. It’s in our drinking water and toothpaste. If you swallowed a bit of toothpaste, you are supposed to go to hospital or call a poison information hotline for advice. This same amount of fluoride is in one glass of drinking water. The tests to check if people have been killed by deadly nerve gas weapons (WMDs) will show as false positive for the average USA citizen, because the fluoride is in the hair of almost everyone from our water supply. If you don’t believe me, you only need to research. Fluoride was used in Nazi Germany and in concentration camps as a method of drugging the prisoners to make them more docile. And fluoride is a major ingredient in the anti-depressant Prozac; actually it is about 90% fluoride. Fluoride also leaches calcium from bones and makes them brittle. And it calcifies your pineal gland. And it is proven to reduce IQs. I could go on, but do you still think the brief second fluoridated water touches your teeth is worth all this, even if it slightly reduces teeth decay? Use reverse osmosis water filtration systems to remove fluoride. But it is still in the water you shower with, and your skin absorbs loads of it. The only way to have no fluoride in your water is to use rainwater, and demand that politicians legislate to remove it. The more you research about this, the more you’ll be furious that they have poisoned our water.

Mercury: One of the most toxic substances on Earth, and most teeth fillings have it. It will slowly leech into your body. If you already have them, removing them can be dangerous because the vapour from the removal process can poison you, unless you pay a fortune to have them removed properly. Your dentist may tell you that a filling would give you less mercury than a fish. But your dentist will neglect to tell you that only certain types of fish have mercury from deep sea pollution, and eating these fish is dangerous too.

Artificial sweeteners: Aspartame in its raw form is used to cause cancer in lab rats. Do you really want to drink it?

Heart Disease Cure

The Cure for Heart Disease: heart disease kills more people than wars, drugs, terrorists and traffic infringements combined. However, it receives far less attention and funding than any single one of these. Click the link for the page that explains what heart disease is, and the very simple cure that was discovered decades ago. Essentially the cure for heart disease is prevention. This means:

  • Eat organic food (especially ones with loads of vitamin c)
  • Do regular exercise
  • Avoid processed foods (anything in a packet)
  • Avoid food preservatives
  • Regularly eat foods such as garlic and chives

Cancer Cure

Many things can contribute to cancer, but it appears all related to your cells being low in oxygen. Cancer does not grow in high oxygen environments. See http://drsircus.com/medicine/cancer/oxygen-and-cancer

There are many treatments that apply this knowledge. For example, placing hydrogen peroxide in your blood. This can be potentially fatal. It is much better to opt for more natural methods. See the following links:


Mind, Body and Spirit Connection

If you have a healthy mind, you will eat right and exercise, your body will be healthy, and physical health also helps you think clearly and grow as a person (spiritually). Then you will have a healthy mind, and so on. Mind, body and spirit form a linked triangle. They each affect one another.

For example, someone might say that poor diet causes heart disease. Another person may say all health issues start with the mind.

Actually both people would be correct. Heart disease occurs because we don’t take care of ourselves. And we don’t take care of ourselves when we don’t respect ourselves and what we are. And this occurs because we lack spiritual connection and understanding. It’s a never-ending circle.

Let me be clear on this: the word “spiritual” sounds all “hippie-like” and may conjure mental images of long-haired hippies. But all it means is “your understanding of who you are”.