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Promising Renewable Energy Research & Breakthroughs

Free “electrical energy” technology will have the single most beneficial influence to us all. Energy powers our lights, vehicles, heating, cooling and much more. If energy was cheaper, living would be cheaper and easier and I don’t mean just electricity bills – EVERYTHING will be much cheaper because the production of every product and service is affected by the price and availability of energy.

The reality is that energy is FREE electrical energy is all around us. One example is solar energy. Certainly there are other viable sources, but for our immediate needs, we don’t need to look much further. But the initial cost of installation prevents many people from using solar energy.

This section will:

  • List free energy technology that is available NOW.
  • Explain what new electrical energy technology is in development, so you can educate others and increase pressure on politicians to fund proper research.

What Energy and Matter Is

What the universe and energy is may never be known. But we can still observe and understand how energy behaves. Its behavior can be expressed as numbers and mathematics, although visual diagrams are far easier to understand. I do not claim my theories are 100% accurate, but I do believe they are close. Einstein proved that energy and matter are ultimately the same. But to understand matter, understanding energy interactions and how it forms matter must be understood.

For any sort of matter to exist, it’s form must be maintained. This should be obvious. After all if “form” was not maintained, there would be no “order”, and energy would fly off in all directions. And the most fundamental form possible is the toroid. A common example of a toroid is a smoke ring, twisting and turning in constant motion, but still retaining its form. Essentially, all matter, down to sub-atomic particles are toroids or adaptations of toroids (like a smoke ring). If it were not a toroid, or an adaptation of a toroid, there would be no form. If you think about this, it seems quite obvious.

How a Toroid is Formed

When forces are balanced in all directions, but in a dynamic (moving) state, a toroid is formed. Consider water flowing down a drain, and the formation of a vortex – this is more or less the same thing happening, but not equally in all directions, so there is a kind of “funnel” appearance.

Now consider if there was equal “push and pull” in all directions, in perfect synchronicity, with the fluid in constant motion. This will form a toroid. There absolutely must be motion, and this comes from the force of gravity (which is actually more an “effect” than type of energy). Before reading on, consider that as Einstein discovered, energy is directly related to energy. In other words, E = MC^2. Put simply, energy and matter are the same thing, but in different forms. It is all essentially ENERGY, whatever energy is.

What The Ancients Knew

Yin and Yang

You would be familiar with the Yin and Yang symbol as shown left. There are many similar symbols that mean the same thing in various ancient cultures. This particular symbol is a lot more than a tatoo on a surfer dude. Essentially it represents the balance between push and pull, implosion and explosion, in and out, up and down, left and right, and so on. It is a symbol of living energy that we all are. While the average person is completely ignorant to this, it doesn’t change reality. Undeniably we all consist of the same energy, and the principles that govern this energy, whether it powers our cars, grows our food, or even grows our hair, are all fundamentally the same.

A state of high energy ultimately means a toroid that spins and rotates very rapidly and with a high degree of form. When you hear a “new age hippie” talk about a “*high vibration”, this is what they are referring to. A state of low energy means a toroid that spins slowly and/or with poor form.

* The harmonic sea of vibrations explained in string theory does explain toroids as form. A sea of harmonic vibrations is capable of forming anything. Whether or not the true dynamics of it all is “vibrations” (*1 like with “string theory“), for our purpose, modelling the behavior of energy and form may be adequate.

Now that we know matter and energy are the same thing, we know that at it is possible to create matter from any other energy or matter. Remember, it is all the same thing in different forms. This is bordering on Alchemy and the transmutation of metals into gold, which Einstein and many others had a keen interest in, although it is beyond the scope of this page. For now, I’ll stick to energy production.

Vibrations Creating Form

The Key To Limitless Energy

Many skeptics of free energy will say “free energy” is an impossibility because according to the laws of thermodynamics, “energy cannot be created or destroyed”. Such claims are extremely ignorant. Firstly, it depends on what your definition of energy is. *Secondly free energy is all around us. It only needs to be harnessed. The classic example is solar energy. Another is wind. Geothermal. The list goes on.

* Indeed we already have the technology to make use of such energy sources. Without the use of more practical technology, I have no doubt sources such as solar energy will be more widely used over time. But you don’t need to wait for the rest of the world to “catch on”. I suggest start using available technology for yourself, right now. See other sections of this site for details.

While you are aware of sources such as solar energy, you may not be aware you are sitting in a sea of buzzing energy that has no known limits. It is this energy that many free energy researchers claim to have extracted. One term that has been used for such free energy extraction is “energy from air”. While energy from “air” molecules is likely possible, its not what I referring to. I not referring to cosmic radiation either (like gamma rays from stars), although energy extraction from such sources has been done in small quantities.

Many successful and well known energy researchers have claimed they did not CREATE any energy, and they merely extracted and harnessed it, much like a wind turbine. I have begun to understand what they meant, and that the reality is limitless free energy is all around us. We only need to refine the energy and processes that harness it.

Harnessing free electrical energy

This is where I get a bit hazy. Like with most things, there are more than one ways to achieve an objective. In this case, say for example we want to produce free electricity. To begin the process, we need a source of energy. This is easy – the source is all around us. But to EXTRACT it, we first need to create an imbalance. This is because if all energy is in a state of balance, then you are unable to separate the two parts. And if you cant separate them, then you cannot use them to create electricity.

* Certainly there are uses for perfectly balanced energy, without separation. In fact such a state of energy would be of enormous benefit to anything living. But for now I’m looking only for a practical solution to free energy.

Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter

Nicola Tesla was not the first and wont be the last to discover how to tap into free electrical energy. While he had discovered the secrets, he was denied the required funding to complete construction of his “magnifying transmitter” device which was capable of powering entire cities for free. An image of this device is shown left.

Exactly how it worked is unknown, and there are many theories. Most of the experienced researchers believe Tesla had basically found a way to use the free electricity that streams throughout the Earth. This is a readily available source of free energy that is easy to observe. For example, if you use a multimeter and put the red and black wires in different parts of the ground, you will see a voltage. And this is over such a small area.

What I believe Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter Did

Firstly you need at least a basic understanding of how lightning works. Pay particular attention to the information about “streamers” and how the negative and positive charge move towards each other right before the bolt of lightning (discharge) occurs.

Now this next part is the key: Imagine if right before discharge occurred, we quenched the charge and returned it back to the source. In this case, the source is the cloud. This would leave the NEGATIVE charge at the surface of the Earth. Now imagine if we CAPTURED the negative charge and stored it in a large capacitor. This would leave us with a load of negative charge, and we would not have lost any energy because there was no actual discharge. After all, the positive charge was returned to the source, and the negative charge was captured.

Such a process is far from impossible or unrealistic. So let’s assume we:

A. Captured a significant amount of the negative charge, and

B. Did not use much or any of the positive charge, and

C. The amount of energy required to facilitate the process is less than the energy lost in part ‘B’ above, and

D. There is an infinite “renewable” supply of “free energy” running all over Earth’s surface.

Now that we would have extracted a lot of negative charge, we can use that stored high voltage charge to do exactly the same thing, but in reverse. So we would release the negative charge which will bring down positive charge from the sky. But just before discharge, we quench the discharge and return the negative charge back to our capacitor, while capturing the positive charge that was “drawn in”.

Now imagine this process constantly repeating. One side will help the other in perpetual state of SYMBIOSIS. The process doesn’t even need to be 100% efficient. It only needs to draw in more energy than is wasted by the process.

A Simple Solution to Free Energy?

It would not be essential to build an enormous tower as Tesla did. Tesla was trying to power the entire world, which may have only needed a few dozen of his magnifying transmitters. Tesla eventually refined his equipment so that it could be far smaller, but he still lacked the funding to bring his technology to the world. This is ultimately because the people who funded his work ceased to fund him when they understood they would not profit from giving everyone free electricity. It was and still is far more profitable to sell electricity.

There are many was to obtain “free energy”. Tesla’s magnifying transmitter was one way. To date, it appears nobody has replicated exactly what Tesla did, but here is something very close:

KAPAGEN, the Tariel Kapanadze’s generator: read this page from researcher Jean-Louis Naudin. This is a widely replicated device showing great promise. Remember that this is only a small and experimental device.

While this is not the only promising technology, I believe it is ONE of the most promising because of its ease and low cost of construction. I believe it will not be long before more efficient designs are created, and then widely replicated. Whether or not energy companies and governments “catch on” will not be as important as it was 100 years ago. This is because now there is a real need for free energy technology, and an increasing number of people will begin using it to power their homes. That will see the end of needing to pay for energy. The impact on the world will be profound – much more than the end of power bills. It will mean everyone’s labour and energy will be directed away from paying greedy energy companies, and more towards improving conditions worldwide.

Energy Researchers

There are countless energy searchers and development that may have the answer to even cheaper and more practical solutions. We fund our own research projects, and projects from other researchers. Some of our areas of focus, and developers we are looking at funding are shown in videos and links below:

Jean-Louis Naudin: one of the countless energy researchers. He has replicated many technologies and continues to be an active and productive contributor. He does not appear concerned with profit.

John Searl: While this technology is viable, we believe it is more expensive than free energy technology needs to be. The founder is relying on business investors to fund development.


Below are suggested videos to explain the potential. As with any information on the Internet, it is difficult to know what is legitimate. But we know from first-hand experience that “free energy” most certainly is tangible, but it is not yet fully understood, and so far there is no “ready” power generator that is affordable enough for every home. Unfortunately we can’t rely on governments to fund the right research – they tend to serve big business. Nevertheless, a viable and practical free energy solution is only a matter of time, and as with many vital technologies, the developments will likely be done by private researchers in their homes. These are the people whos work we help draw attention to, and these are the people we help fund. We are energy researchers ourselves and our work is done purely without any intent to profit. So you can be assured if we ever find the solution, it will be released free to everyone.

Converting waste into energy