About Us

We are a non-profit research foundation, with a focus on development of technology to improve the global standard of living.

Our education and backgrounds are diverse. We focus on the research and development of every imaginable technology to improve the global standard of living.

The Landsharing.org website is still relatively new, and is intended to gradually publish more about technology we develop. Additionally, we allow publishing of information from other authors, which is consistent with our goals. This website will always be completely free to use. We don’t ask for donations because the website is cheap to run and funded by our foundation. However, we do ask that you help spread the word about it.

Our Staff

We have over 50 contributors to our foundation. We all work on a not-for-profit basis, and most of us have either full or part-time jobs elsewhere. Rather than employ full-time staff, we hire contractors for any work requires that is beyond our capabilities. The staff listed below are our primary benefactors.

Steve | Founder | RMIT Applied Physics, Australia

Steve studied Applied Physics at RMIT in Australia, with the intention of developing sustainable energy technology. He soon discovered what needed to be learned was not being taught in universities. Steve funds most of our research though his foundation, with funds sourced from a variety of businesses he operates.

Ryan | Researcher | Bachelor Applied Physics, Masters in Architectural Science, UTS Australia

Ryan shares a keen interest in development of sustainable energy technologies. Following completion of his masters, he studied acoustical properties of megalithic sites in various parts of the UK and Egypt. He hypothesized that ultrasonic frequencies play a role in energetic anomalies associated with the generation of “static electricity”, potentially from materials used in the construction of megalithic sites. He is currently living in Australia.

Simon | Researcher | Bachelor Applied Physics, Masters in Architectural Science, UTS Australia

Simon studied with another of our member of our foundation. Simon’s primary focus is developing anti-gravity technology. Most recently he contributed in the development of a new and more effective technology involving the biefeld-brown effect.

Chris | Bachelor of Computer Science | Melbourne University (Australia)

An accomplished programmer, Chris writes most of computer programs for 3D modelling.

Benjamin | Electronics Technician, South Africa

Ben either constructs experimental electronic devices, or manages development with contractors we employ.

Nathan | MD(Res) | Johns Hopkins University, USA

Nathan was previously a doctor at his own clinic, but is currently employed by a private pharmaceutical laboratory. He primarily advises us on the feasibility of studies relating to medicine.