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Technology For Harvesting Water

Harvesting and Conditioning Water

Tap water is polluted with harmful metals and chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride. Rainwater is a much better option and is very easy to harvest. Even in areas of low rainfall, simple solutions ensure you have all the water you need.

However, rainwater still has contaminants especially once it contacts your catchment area. This water is suitable for your vegetable garden, but it often does not make good drinking water. To condition water to be suitable for drinking, we suggest using a 7-stage reverse osmosis system. You only need a $300 system to ensure high quality drinking water, and it will only cost you about $100 to maintain each year. For watering gardens, showering or baths, you need only use rainwater.

It is best to elevate your storage tanks, so that water is gravity-fed. In most cases, this will provide all the water pressure you need. Although a $300 pump and simple solar electricity system will provide more if needed.