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How To Live In Comfort, Without Debt or Bills, Even You’re Virtually Broke

Do you ever sit at work and wonder… “What am I doing here?”

Chances are you’re tired of struggling to make money, and want to be free to live your way. You know it is possible but don’t yet know how. You are searching for affordable and practical solutions. This site will teach you everything you need to get started.

  • Purchase land at $2,000 per acre
  • Build an affordable but luxurious house
  • Produce 90% of your own food & water
  • Generate free electricity and never pay for it again

You will learn how to live comfortably without needing anywhere near as much money. You’d be surprised at what you can afford without a mortgage and constant bills.

“Earth’s problems are increasingly complex. The solutions are embarrassingly simple.”

It’s difficult to see outside the world we are born into. We’ve all been conditioned to accept things to be “the way they are”. We often fail to see we make our own reality. Some of us realize we can choose to do anything.

Sometimes our will to be free overcomes the fear not being “normal”. But “normal” is not right. Normal is backwards. It is not right for life to be about struggling to make money and pay debts. Food grows from the ground. Water falls from the sky. And there is enough land for the world’s 6 billion people to live comfortably in Texas, but instead we are crammed into cities and suburbs. We can put a man on the moon, and have more than enough technology to make affordable and comfortable houses.

If you choose to believe “work, taxes and debt” are just the way things are, you are not ready yet. If you believe living free is just an unrealistic dream, you aren’t ready. If you understand you make your own reality, you can do anything.

Complete Luxury On An Affordable Budget


Think of the time and effort you put into making money. What if you put this energy into creating a sustainable life?

If you think this involves camping or chasing rabbits for dinner, you’d be wrong. It simply about using existing and affordable technology to reduce your expenses.

You would live a normal life and just wouldn’t “rely” on money. You could still have a job if you choose and in fact most people do, but the main difference is living would be cheaper so you work less. Your main expenses would be the occasional groceries, and any luxuries or recreational expenses. You will keep much more of the money you earn and have freedom to live your way.

You may be thinking that “living free” sounds good in principle, but that it would never work in the real world because of issues like council restrictions and legalities. But take the time to read this site and understand the issues, and the simple but realistic solutions.

How It is Achieved


1. Buying Cheap Land That’s Close To Schools, Shops & Hospitals


First buy cheap country land that’s about 30 minutes drive from major towns with schools, hospitals and other important facilities. You can buy it yourself, although it’s cheaper to combine funds with others. You can also barter your labour if you have no money or special skills, so it can cost you $0.00.

If you purchase with other people, simple agreements ensure you never lose your investment, and that you have all the rights and privacy you want. You or other participants can suggest suitable properties to purchase.

Once a suitable property is found, the purchase is made subject to approval of various council and planning permits. But usually the land is purchased where permits are not required, or building restrictions are minimal. This is important so you have freedom to build what you want, without fear of eviction.

For example, 100 acres may be purchased for $200,000. If the group had 50 families, it would cost you $4,000 for 2 acres each which is ample.

Visit www.landsharing.org to find others to share land with. You can also use other people’s land to grow all the food you need, or have others grow food on your land in exchange for free food.

2. Plans and Council Permits

This is by far the biggest obstacle because councils don’t allow you to do anything you want with land. But still there are simple, practical and realistic solutions.

The easiest solution is to buy land where building permits aren’t required. These are usually remote locations, but many suitable and available properties are still close enough to essential services as explained above.

In cases where a building permit is required, the property is purchased only subject to council approval of planning. Because eco-housing has an extremely low impact on the environment, obtaining council approval is rarely an issue. Nevertheless, we focus on purchasing land where the council is particularly friendly to sustainable solutions. We also maintain good relationships with council decision-makers who grant permits, and develop plans around what they find acceptable.

3. Building Eco-Friendly Housing & Facilities  

Each member proceeds to build eco-friendly housing on their own land. These are not just  normal houses. They are much cheaper to build and maintain. The typical eco-house we suggest ranges from $5,000 – $50,000. Naturally the larger your budget, the larger your house. A $50,000 house is every bit as appealing as a normal house and in most cases is even bigger, despite the lower price. You will have ample land to build a home of any size.

Some types of buildings use materials sourced from your land, such as “rammed Earth” and “mud-brick” homes, so they are even cheaper to build. There is an option for every budget, although you can easily start in a humble tent and gradually build something more comfortable and permanent. You’ll have a lot more time on your hands without needing a 9-5 job.

The combination of cheap country land and affordable council approved housing means you will own a family home and acres of land for the cost of a car, without the typical $500,000 debt. You will also have more privacy than typical suburban life.

4. Heating, Cooling and Energy Production

Your home will consume far less energy than a normal house and will comfortably run from a cheap solar electricity system. Even something as simple as intelligently-placed skylights removed the need for any electric lighting during the day. And super-efficient LED lights require very little energy at night.

The housing designs ensure little energy is used for heating and cooling. Usually most of the energy is consumed from appliances like TVs and refrigerators, which are easily run from affordable solar electricity equipment without grid connection.

5. Food and Water Production

Food grows from the ground, and water falls from the sky. It’s free.

But for a minimal cost, simple systems can automate much of your water and food production. Cheap but effective solutions ensure harvests are reliable and pest-free.

You don’t “need” to grow your own food, but it with the right technology its very easy and you’ll appreciate the better taste of pesticide-free food. You can also share produce with your neighbours or combine resources with them if you choose.

Visit www.landsharing.org to find others to share land with. You can also use other people’s land to grow all the food you need, or have others grow food on your land in exchange for free food.

6. Waste Management

Correct management of human waste is virtually automated once appropriate technology is installed. You can choose to use council facilities to deal with waste and grey water, or opt to use technology where everything is done with minimal ongoing cost.

Household rubbish is minimal as you will rarely buy anything. Although you still have access to bins provided by the local council. These bins are optional although if you choose to use them, you will need to pay relevant council rates.

“You will own a family home and acres of land for the cost of a car, without the typical $500,000 debt”

What Could You Afford Without a Mortgage?


This is as easy and comfortable as life gets. But if you’re thinking its too difficult, consider what you currently do to “survive”.

This opportunity is for people that are not afraid to take control of their own life. Real people are already doing it. These arrangements are often called “intentional communities”, although we believe this term is off-putting. See a large list of similar communities throughout the world at www.ic.org. You do not need to share resources if you don’t want to. You can have all the privacy you want. This is about living life your way.

The Legalities

If you purchase land where building and residency permits aren’t required, this is 90% of your problems solved. Then you’ll only need basic agreements and legal paperwork so you have a clear part-ownership of the land. The legal fees for such an an arrangement are minimal when divided between many participants.

How To Start

The processes involved are much simpler than your current lifestyle.

Step 1: Visit www.landsharing.org to find other people who also want to proceed. You can also use the forum.

Step 2: Clearly define agreements. Keep them clear, but thorough.

Step 3: Find a suitable property and proceed with the purchase. See the land link to ensure suitability. Remember to have clear legal agreements in place. A lawyer will help with these, but they cost very little when fees are divided between many people.

Step 4: Once the land is purchased, you can start building the life you want. Most people start in portable buildings, while gradually building a more permanent residence. You’ll have all the time you need to install whatever technology and comforts you want. You’ll be able to achieve much more than you could with a 9-5 job, because you’ll have all the free time you need.

Remember, once you have your land, you can do just about anything. What can you achieve with your bare hands and ample time? You won’t “need” money, but you’ll be able to earn an income from excess fruit and vegetables you generate. Even a small income is likely enough for the typical comforts you have now.

The Alternative

Is living getting easier, or more difficult? Take control of your own life.

We have the technology that enables us to live a free life in complete comfort – the way life should be.

Don’t have ANY money to start?

Often you can trade expertise or physical labor for the rights to use land. While having at least a few thousand dollars is within reach of most people, and it makes things easier, there is still always an option even if you don’t any money or skills. Remember that you weren’t born with money. People do everything, not money.Like the Idea? Here’s How To Help:

1. Everyone has something to offer, even if just ideas and your assistance with research. Contribute to the forum. If you have valuable knowledge or skills, we can always use your help.

2. Tell others about this site. Use the sharing icons. Don’t just think about it, please actually do it and encourage others to do the same.

3. Contact your local council and refer them to this site. Express that you will vote for them in elections if they support such projects.

Instead of spending all your energy on making money, focus on removing your dependence on it.

Why virtually everyone is in debt, and why countries are bankrupt:

You need to see these videos and understand what’s happening. Debt is not something that happens by chance. It is literally the bank’s secret way of stealing from everyone.

Tired of unjustified laws that restrict your freedom?

Nothing can set you free better than being able to live off your own land so you never even need money. But the laws make this very difficult.

Earth has enough land for everyone to live in a state as small as Florida, but zoning restrictions force us to live in densely populated and expensive areas, in expensive “regulation” houses, and spend our lives working to pay unnecessary debt.

We can only change this together. You need only “vote” to make things change. We are in control.

What to do from here:

1. Submit your email below and, when the time is right, we will tell you which politicians support self-sufficient lifestyles, so you know who to vote for.

2. Tell others about this mailing list and website. Actually do this. And encourage others to do the same.

The idea is when enough of us are together and ready, we can all speak in one voice they can’t ignore.

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We will never share your details with anyone for any reason. And we will never sell you anything.