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Affordable Land That’s Close to Schools, Shops & Hospitals

Earth is not over-populated and there is no shortage of land or resources. If our land is properly managed, there is no reason why anyone would need to work 80% of their life to occupy a small space.

You may live in an expensive area because it’s close to work, but how much would you need to work if you lived where land is cheaper? My point is you create your own problems by choice.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to not have any expenses at all, so you realistically need some income source. You just wouldn’t need to work anywhere near as hard. You can even earn a living by selling excess fruit and vegetables you produce. The entire point of our program is ensuring you work less and live more. It begins with your land.

The Ideal Property For Development

Most people have family and prefer to live within reasonable proximity to schools, shops and hospitals.

Attributes of the Ideal Land

  • Within 30 minute drive to shops, schools and a hospital: while you may be about 2 hours from a major city, you can be reasonable close to a major town with everything you need.
  • Slightly undulating land (not completely flat): while flat land has advantages, it is more prone to flooding.
  • Visually appealing: everyone loves a nice view.
  • Suitable council zoning: this is one of the biggest issues to deal with. You can buy incredibly cheap land, but the council may only approve it for cattle grazing. You may argue this is absurd considering the population of humans are struggling to pay debts to banks. However, while some councils are bureaucratic and profit-focused, some of the country councils are more focused on sustainability and the well-being of the people they are employed to represent. While councils are sometimes open to relaxing building restrictions for such lifestyles, it is easiest to purchase land where already building and residential permits are not required.
  • Suitable housing sites: depends on the type of house you want to construct.

Your Votes Contribute to Council Regulations

If you’ve ever wondered how council regulations became such a burden to housing developments and life, consider that your votes put local governments in power. If you demand particular policies, officials will create regulations to win your vote.

You need to contact your local council and request that they adjust regulations and procedures to be more adaptable for communities that we propose. Start with the government’s listing of all local councils at http://australia.gov.au/services/service-task/contact/contact-my-local-council

Also visit http://australianeedsbuilding.com.au/register-your-support/ for a convenient form where you can contact local councils to provide support to the building industry.

Procedures For Property Purchase (for communities)

Any participant can suggest a property. You don’t need to use our forum to meet people. You can easily do this with family and friends.

Once a suitable property is found, you must create clear agreements that govern the ownership, and use of the land. Remember to keep it simple and fair for everyone.

When the property is purchased, you can do whatever you want within the permitted guidelines.

The entire process is not as complicated as you may expect, if you purchase land with suitable council laws.