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Should life be so complicated?

You may not know yet, but this is what you’re looking for. Resist the urge to ignore this text and do something else. I know your time is valuable. Take a few minutes to read this fully.

Life Is How You Make It

You were born into believing work and money are reality. You’ve been taught land is in short supply, and a 30-year debt to own property is necessary to survive. Check Google maps to reveal ample un-used and fertile land. Earth is not over-populated. The land is just poorly managed. There is ample land for everyone, so that no-one should starve. And no-one should struggle to survive.

We all enjoy luxuries and convenience. The price is a lifetime of hard work and less time enjoying life. We can put a man on the moon, and certainly we have technology for comfortable housing that doesn’t require a lifetime of debt.

What about food and water? Food grows from the ground. Water falls from the sky. It’s free. And simple technology can do most of the work to harvest it. For everything else we need, trade is necessary. But again technology already does most of the work, which is why a t-shirt costs about $2 to make.

So why are most of us in debt and working to pay bills? The primary reasons are:

  • Your choices. Whether you complain about life’s annoyances, it has all been your choice, even if you’re barely aware of the choice.
  • You need a job to pay for your house, which is expensive because it needs to be close to your workplace (if you didn’t have an expensive house, you wouldn’t need to work so hard). See yourway.org.au for family homes that are made from natural materials, and cost around $20,000.
  • You don’t know about other options for a better life. You were born into believing you go to school, get a job, buy a house, and work to pay it off. You haven’t considered a sturdy roof shouldn’t be so expensive.
  • You are afraid of making a costly mistake. You are skeptical of anything that’s “new” or “out of the ordinary”. It’s scary to go against the flow.
  • You believe if it made life easier, everyone would be doing it. But an increasing amount of people are understanding the alternative is better than a lifetime of work and debt.

If land were better managed, the most obvious implication is people will work less and be happier. It sounds simplistic and mundane. But it goes much deeper than time and money. It means a complete consciousness shift. From consumption and fear of being unable to survive, to happiness and abundance. The shift is actually profound.

Are we just dreaming? Actually it has already begun. People are becoming more aware that organic foods are healthier. People are becoming more aware of environmental issues and sustainability. The trend of consumption ignorance will only end in disaster. So we will either be forced to change, or we can change before it’s too late. Most people won’t change unless they have no other option. However, if you do nothing to change, then you are part of the problem. From here you can choose to understand the value of sharing land, and participate – even if you just share this page with friends.

Would You Prefer Money, or Happiness?

If you think money buys happiness, you’re missing the bigger picture. If you think a fancy car will make you happy, you’re probably the type of person who will want something different, when you get what you wanted. You may never be happy.

What you really want isn’t money. It’s time and freedom. Money buys food, shelter and security. But the real price is you spend most of your life working. Is a 30-year mortgage reasonable just to put a roof over your head? With all our technology, should it be so unrealistic to virtually eradicate poverty? The root cause of almost all of Earth’s problems is ignorance from low consciousness. Almost all problems come back to this point. I’ll explain more about it later. But first, consider some of Earth’s major problems: