Electricity Generation

solarYou will need to power lights, TVs, computers and other household appliances. Usually heating and cooling consumes the most energy, but your house’s design ensures the desired temperature is easy to maintain.

Solar systems are usually connected to the energy grid. So excess electricity you produce is sold to energy companies.

However, you tend to use more electricity at night which is when you end up buying energy from energy companies. And during the day when you use less electricity, you end up selling energy at a much lower price than what you buy it at. So a better solution is creating a completely self-sufficient solar system, and use batteries to store excess energy for your own use. Also having an “off the grid” system means you wont need to worry about how the council plans to run electricity wires to your home.

In most cases, 5-person eco-house will need about a 2kw system, which presently costs around $3,000 if purchased from a retailer. But you can source components yourself and bring the cost to about $1500. They are not difficult to assemble but should be done by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Another consideration is because you’ll have ample land, you’ll be able to use technology that either reflects additional light onto the solar cells, or automatically rotates the cells to double their efficiency.

Heating & Cooling

Simple and effective solutions ensure your house better maintains the desired temperature. While you of course need some ventilation, the construction of your house prevents excessive air either in or out of your home.