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8 Stylish and Budget-Friendly Design Ideas For Small Bedroom

Having your own house is a wonderful blessing. However, having a small house with small bedrooms could mean unleashing your strategic and creative juices to maximize the space, while still make the rooms look stylish.

But the upper hand for decorating small bedrooms is that you only need to procurea few equipment. And remember “Less is more.” This adage rings true in interior design or any type of design project for that matter.

So let’s cut to the chase and here are eight stylish and budget-friendly designs for your small bedroom.

Try monochromatic wall paint

Let’s start off with the basics. When decorating any room in the house, the walls take center stage. Why? Because they’re the first dominant thing we see once we enter a bedroom. Some trends revolve around varied bolder colors. However, the downside of painting a small bedroom with different vivid colors is that they create a segmentation that will make the room appear smaller. Instead, go for monochromatic wall painting. The beautiful thing about using one color and its hues and shades is that they create a seamless style that doesn’t look tacky.

Elevate your bed

The next thing you want your small bedroom to have is, of course, a bed! However, with limited space, sometimes you can’t really choose that nice king-sized bed as it takes up a majority of the room.But don’t fret. I learned something from my cousin while visiting them in Singapore and sleeping in their small rented bedroom.

Elevate your bed so that it looks like an upper bunk. Next is you want to try to keep it as high as you can to utilize the space underneath.

Utilize the space under the bed

This is in tandem with the previously mentioned idea. Once you’ve elevated your bed, try to maximize the space underneath. There are a couple of ways you can turn the space into a productive one.

Going back to my cousin’s room, since he’s a freelance videographer, he turned the space underneath into his workstation! You may also place a love seat underneath so it becomes your “chill area.” Or you can display your television and sound system set under the bed. What about putting storage cabinets underneath?

Install a body-length mirror on the wall

A small space will look bigger if natural light comes in. Another way to make small bedrooms look bigger is to use a mirror to reflect natural light. And if you’re short on budget, you can grab any body-length mirror, or any big mirror in general, pin it onto the wall and voila! Not only can you delight in your reflection but also the natural light’s reflection!

Save space with floating shelves

Installing floating shelves instead of getting the real deal is a real lifesaver, not to mention space saver! Sure, you can always do away with shelves. But shelves add a nice touch to your small bedroom, especially if you’re a sucker for trinkets and figurines. You can grab any plank of wood and install it firmly onto the walls. You can either arrange them in one single file or put one on top of the other.

Or if you want another affordable and chic idea, buy a shelf bracket. Then place smaller planks of wood on top. These shelves are beautiful display areas for your succulents, lamp, tracking device, books, or even your gadgets.

Wall-mounted folding table

Some small bedroom owners may or may not need a table in their bedroom. For those who do a lot of work in their room, having a table is a luxury. Instead of getting those bulky tables, you can go for wall-mounted folding tables instead. The best part about this is that you can quickly stow it away if you need the extra space. Plus, if you get a table with the same color as your wall, it won’t even pose as a distraction. As for the chair, try to buy an Ottoman as it’s more compact and you can easily slide it under something.

Decorate with a wall sconce

Lamps are essential, especially if you read a lot at night. And while a small bedroom might restrict you from having a bedside lamp, don’t fret. You can always opt for wall sconces and they’re equally as good and way more stylish. Get those with a dimmer to easily set different moods in your bedroom.

Buy a beautiful rug

Rugs give your room personality, especially if you choose playful patterns. You can put a lovely rug in one area to accentuate your floor. The nice thing about having a rug is that you can also just squat on the rug and do your thing instead of a bulky couch or chair.

Final Words

A small bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t try to make it extra comfortable. You don’t have to eliminate the fundamental furniture just so you can save space. All you have to take note of is to try to be as minimalist as you can. That way, you don’t spend on unnecessary things.

Author Bio: Leanne Brooks is an ardent blogger and frequent traveler who writes about home improvement, travel, and the latest trends in emerging technologies. She is currently working with EyeSpySupply, which offers a wide range of surveillance equipment and tracking device, including spy wireless camera, nanny cams, GPS trackers, and voice-activated audio recorders and more.