About Us

We are a non-profit organization focused on research and development of technology in the following fields:

Develop Affordable Housing Technology

Emerging technology dramatically reduces the cost of housing.

Efficient Food Production & Storage

Harvest yields can easily be doubled with the application of basic technology. Families can grow almost all the food they need in small back yards – with very little effort. The same technology can be applied on a larger scale. Food can be grown even in areas with very low rainfall.

Renewable Energy Technology

Largely ignored technology reduces energy requirements, and produces all the energy we need. Renewable energy isn’t limited to wind and solar.

Waste Management

Biological waste is not “waste”. It’s an important part of the life-cycle that should be used correctly.

Water Harvesting and Management

Simple household systems efficiently capture, manage and condition water – without the need for harmful chemicals or costly processes.

A Better and Fairer Financial System

The monetary system is susceptible to corruption. Decentralization of power is necessary to avoid a monopoly.

Land Management & Environmental Sustainability

Poor land management and deforestation has a far greater impact that governments understand. We work with them to educate them on the effects, to implement better policies.

Medicine and Health

Critical advancements are being ignored. Much of modern medicine treats symptoms, rather than the cause of disease.