• Agricultural land around Adelaide

    I am interested in buying agricultural land close to Adelaide for growing / selling vegetables / fruits. I would like to invite or join other people with similar interest for buying the land. Budget share would be around 10000 AUD per person.

  • Grow food on my land

    I can purchase agricultural land virtually anywhere. If you are committed to producing food, I can buy the land for you. I’m hoping to buy the land for a community that will grow ample organic food (only organic). I plan to use some of the additional food for my own families, and sell an excess to markets. So this opportunity would suit a large family or community that produces a lot more food than they need. We could even come to an arrangement whereby I purchase food you produce, but for it to be viable for me the selling rate would need to be much lower than typical wholesale prices. Basically it needs to be financially viable for me if I’m buying land.