• Combine funds to purchase land

    I’m looking to purchase a large piece of land with numerous other people or families to share. This can be anywhere within Australia. The idea is we can purchase 100 acres of natural bushland with a reasonable amount of usable land, and just work together to share it. We can agree upon mutual and private areas. Sharing the ownership of land is a tricky legal situation, so we will need some form of written agreement. I know I wont treat anyone unfairly, and you probably are the same, but things dont always work out as intended, so we need written agreements. Anyway those are details. Investments would ideally be $10,000+ per person/family. I don’t see any problem with you using the land however you want, provided it is legal and acceptable for the environment. If you are going to clear trees, you should do the right thing by replacing them. I don’t care much for council legalities, but ignoring them is going to mean trouble so laws should be adhered to. In any case we would buy in an area where the council is reasonable.

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